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About Me.

In my career, I've consistently embraced a growth mindset, using each job as a platform for personal and professional advancement. My commitment to continuous learning reflects my drive to become an exceptional individual. I thrive in collaborative environments with like-minded individuals, drawn to settings where collective efforts result in noteworthy achievements. My motivation comes from a desire to contribute meaningfully, feel profound significance, and be an integral part of larger endeavors. The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong commitment, and I'm dedicated to investing time and effort for continuous development to excel in my field.

Work Experience 

Sept 2023 to Current

Our National Conversation (ONC)

1. Creating content for various social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

2. Remaining up-to-date with current popular trends on all social media platforms.
3. Completing deliverables marked on the content calendar and suggesting ideas for approval on the content calendar.

Jan 2023 to May 2023

Soar Detroit

1. Attend Partnership meetings reviewing objectives and goals for the week.
2. Tasked with creating digital content for the brand's social media accounts.
3. I worked with my team to increase our follower count across several social
media platforms.

Sept 2021- Jan 2023

Michigan Philharmonic 

1. Attend meetings discussing new ways to attract people to musical events. 
2. Assisted with setting up equipment.
3. Captured & Edited photos for their Social Media pages.
4. Post promotional materials on their Social Media pages.

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