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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

As I say those words to you. You will think of one of two things to say. Of course they matter or All Lives Matter. The only people saying these things is insert race here. Of course all lives matters and is valued without a doubt. And if you believe all lives mattered why aren’t you marching with people of color. When innocent black and brown people are unjustly killed by the police. Even when one innocent life is killed by the police is one too many. We should all be marching for Floyd murdered. We all see on social media when an innocent person of color killed by the police. When the video has become viral you always see insert this race here said “He must had done something wrong”. Or they will look for any excuse for the murder of a person. “Oh they supposed stole something from Walmart a few years ago or they had a criminal records so they must be a bad guy.” It’s not your job to be the cops PR Team and make them look good. They are not celestial beings they are human just like the rest of us. So they have the ability to be evil and dish out that evil to people that pays their salary, to the people they swore to protect and serve not to kill. If you’re not willing to be the light inside the darkness I need you to turn in your badge yesterday. Just because I am a person color does that mean I’m not apart of this community or I’m not a taxpaying citizen. All of my rights is stripped from me when the moment they switch on their sirens. When insert race here get pulled over by the police they see a protector, a neighbor, a friend they can have a few beers with. When I get pulled over by the police I think I didn’t anything wrong why is this happening to me. And how will they take my life by beating me to death, have their knee on my neck suffocating me, or shoot me nine times while reaching for my wallet then plant some drugs in the car to justify it. As humans we all have to come to terms with dying. I do not fear dying because that is my fate as human. My biggest fear is leaving the house not telling my family I love them. Then getting pulled over by the boys in blue and be killed. I don’t want my family to feel that pain or fight a losing battle. When I say a losing battle what’s going to happen to the cop that kills me, probably nothing if fired they will get hired at a different department. If they sue the city all they will do is sprinkle some money on your lap without saying they’re sorry for what happened to me. We have seen time and time again cops are not hold accountable for their actions. That if I was murdered by them it’s my fault. That insert race here will look for any dirt on me to justify my life being taken unjustly. Many of you insert race here will dismiss my feelings by saying not all cops are bad. There’s lots of good cops. Sure there’s lot of good cops that won’t kill me they will just stand to the side and watch me get killed. The so called “Good Cops” know who are the bad cops are and will refused to say anything. Fearing to go against the status quo, to go against the brotherhood, to go against the stormtroopers. Knowing if they say anything that they will be labeled as a snitch or face retaliation from their peers. If you’re that much of a coward turn in your badge and get out the way because we don’t want you here. Here’s a more than common response insert race here loves to say “Well don’t blacks kill black”. And yes they say it just like that exposing their causal racism. To reply to that stupid statement of course black people kill black people, white people kill white people, Hispanics people kill Hispanics people. People kill whoever in their area. If I am part of a race that live around the same race of course if I’m so happened to be killed in that area it would be from the same race that I live around. And if that person is caught they get arrested and sentence. But when a cop kills a good person nothing happens no due process no firing only until people start protesting or rioting they care. We also need to start demanding the heads of police chiefs and the DAs because these are the people who aren’t arresting or charging these bad cops. Everyone needs to be held accountable no matter the title they have.

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