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Is it Obsession or Is it Love?

I’m desperate for her love and overcome by the spell she put on me with her touch. Before her I knew how to be alone, I grow up with the darkness ruling my soul. I been hurt so many time but now I can’t breathe unless she’s by my side. Is it obsession or love I’m feeling. What’s this feeling in my chest? This warm sensual sting in my heart. I never felt this way before. I usually went through world with my heart closed tight fearing if I ever love again. This time I won’t be able to escape the darkness of my mind. That love will push me to death warm embrace. That I won’t live but be forever asleep dreaming of what life could had been. What we had together forced me to do something I never done before. To tear off the armor around my heart. So many women before her tried to accomplish that goal but failed each and every time. She was able to do it with ease. When I look into her eyes I was instantly trapped with no way out. When you slowly took off your clothes I swear the way my eyes looked upon you as if I became a virgin again, to have never seen a shape such as yours. I was overwhelmed by your beauty. When I stood there staring at your naked body, I lost myself to you. Feeling your hips and thighs, kissing your lips, looking into your beautiful eyes as I am inside you. Hearing your moans, feeling your arms & legs wrapped around me. Feeling absolute bliss, not wanting to stop but only wanting to give you every inch, every drop of me. I felt as a slave and you my goddess needed to praised. I knew right there and then what I wanted. To have no one else but you.

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